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KERRIE FITNESS have classes that were created by Kerrie to cater for all levels of fitness with the  intention of make HIIT training achievable for all participants.  Coupled with Kerrie Core which strengthens and tones the core unit your body and goals will be back on track in no time.

| Kerrie Core |

Exercising the muscles of the whole core unit – abdominals, obliques, lower back and butt – to strengthen and tone. Essential foundation for a stronger, leaner body, helping you run faster, play harder and stand stronger. It also improves functional strength for balance, mobility and assists in injury prevention.


Kerrie High Intensity Interval Training. Takes your fitness to a new level in 30 minutes. Different exercises each week to improve cardiovascular fitness, maximise calorie burn to perform like an athlete, strengthen and build lean muscle.

| Aerobics KHIIT |

| Aerobics KHIIT |

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