At KERRIE FITNESS we pride ourselves on giving and being our best.  KERRIE FITNESS opened in 2013 and has been nominated for a local business award five times in a row.  In 2018 KERRIE FITNESS won the LBA, “Most Outstanding Fitness Services”.  We believe this is a testament to the hard work and desire we put into each and every class.  Kerrie is the creator and director for her very own programs.  #kezfit, Kerrie Core and KHIIT.  Kerrie has just released digital classes and #kezfit is available now.

Creator and Choreographer of:

Weighted KHIIT
Aerobics KHIIT
Martial Arts KHIIT
Kerrie Core

Certified in:

Les Mills BodyStep®
Les Mills BodyAttack®
Les Mills BodyCombat®
Les Mills BodyPump®
Zumba® Basic Level 1 and 2
Group Exercise Freestyle: Level Two Professional